Hinges Series

Advantages of Peglar Hinges:

  • Manufactured by ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality System Company.
  • Passed Over 50000 Cycle Test.
  • Passed Over 24 Hours Salt Spray Test.
  • Weight Lifting Capacity up to 7 kgs.

Available Range of Peglar  Hinges

  1. Normal Close Hinge (PAH-01A)
  2. S. S. Normal Close Hinge (PAH-05)
  3. S. S. Soft Close Hinge (PAH-07)
  4. 3D Soft Close Hinge (PAH-09)
  5. Soft Close Without Clip On Hinge (PAH-11)
  6. Thick Door Soft Close Hinge (PAH-13)
  7. Corner Hinge (PAH-19)
  8. 180* Normal Close Hinge (PAH-21)
  9. 180* Soft Close Hinge (PAH-23)
  10. Soft Close Profile Hinge (PAH-25)